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Resale Rates

Each garment/product is inspected and assessed for quality. The general consignment rate is 30-60 percent of the original purchase price. Exceptions or a sliding scale up to 80 percent may be applied to new or like new items on a case by case basis.

Using 30 percent as a standard, the rates are broken down as follows:

Consignment for cash - 40% of resale value.

therefore: $20 = $8 to consignor

Consignment for store credit - 45% of resale value.

therefore: $20 =$9 to consignor

Bulk purchasing for cash - 30% of resale value.

therefore: $20 = $6 to seller.

*PLEASE NOTE* We are currently only doing bulk purchase for select items due to a large intake of inventory. We can add you to a SELL ONLY list to be contacted once we resume bulk purchasing if you do not wish to consign or you may email us for a list of items we will pay cash for.